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Whether you prefer to have multiple guitars close by during a performance or simply enjoy admiring your axe from across the living room, stands and racks are ideal accessories for any musician to own. With that in mind, String Swing has been constructing the finest stands and racks for over 25 years, and within this section you'll find plenty of stunning options. In fact, String Swing stands and racks are designed with careful consideration to your instrument's protection, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your guitar, mandolin, ukulele, or banjo is in safe hands while it impresses onlookers.

So which stand or rack is right for you? You certainly have plenty of choices, but any electric guitarist would love the Electric Guitar Wall Hanger. Stable and easy to set up, this hanger will showcase your favorite axe horizontally, and at any angle. Additionally, the hanger's tubing will not affect your guitar's finish, and it even mounts to drywall, wood, concrete block, and other flat wall surfaces.

Now for those who are proud owners of mandolins or ukuleles, take a look at the Home & Studio Ukulele/Mandolin Hanger. Featuring a yoke that pivots in order to cradle your instrument's headstock, this hanger screws firmly into walls to ensure your stringed-instrument is guarded safely. While you're at it, be sure to also check out the Home & Studio Banjo Hanger. Compact and stable, this wood-backed banjo hanger will hold your instrument securely in place while not touching the tuners, and its rubber-coated arm protects your banjo's finish.

And these are only a few of the many choices String Swing has waiting for you in this catalog. In the end, just remember that String Swing believes every musical instrument is a work of art that should be played and enjoyed as much as possible, and their passion is obvious in every stand and rack they design.