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About Steinberg:

When we think of Steinberg, the first thing that comes to mind is usually Cubase. It's one of the most-used software packages in the pro audio community, after all. But that's only part of what Steinberg has to offer. In this section, you'll find an impressive range of gear including hardware as well as software, all aimed at making your studio or live system perform better than ever. And no matter which options you decide to add to your setup, one thing that you can always count on is Steinberg's reputation for reliable, high-performing gear.

Although there's a lot to choose from, Cubase is still as good a place as any to start browsing the Steinberg lineup. It's been a leading DAW for years, and with version 8, Steinberg gave it a total engine rebuild to make it faster, snappier and more efficient. There are also upgrade, educational and 'Elements' editions as well as bundles, so you can find the perfect Cubase package for any situation. If you work in post-production editing and mixing, you should also check out Nuendo. It's another piece of software from Steinberg, focused on post-editing for film, television and media professionals.

On the hardware side of things, it won't surprise you to find interfaces at the top of the list from a company known for its software. You'll need one of these (check out the UR44, UR22 and UR824 USB interfaces for starters) to let your instruments and analog gear work with applications like Cubase and Nuendo. Steinberg has also put together some complete kits, such as the UR12 MXL V250 Alesis Elevate Package, that come with an interface, mic, monitors and cabling: everything you need to build the hardware side of your studio from scratch.

We've looked at a few software and hardware packages here, but that's only a highlight of the Steinberg selection that also includes controllers, virtual instruments and more. To see what Steinberg has to offer for you, there's no better way than to dive right in and take a look through this section in-depth. Once you get going, you'll have no shortage of fantastic ideas about how to put Steinberg to work for you.