Dean Markley Strings

Tried and true. Trusted by millions. Dean Markley remains an authentic leader and innovator in the world of musical instrument strings. Continuously used by the biggest names in the music industry, Dean Markley strings have an amazing reputation for a reason. Guitarists from around the world know that they can always count on Dean Markley to give them a sound that rings with color, resonance, and irresistible tonality.  When choosing the right strings, you need to think first and foremost about string gauge. While larger sized strings may hold in tune better and boost volume, lighter strings are easier to fret and bend. In the end, it really comes down to personal preference. But to make your decision even easier, remember that Dean Markley has been a leader in musical instrument strings since 1972.

Strings have a massive influence on the way a guitar sounds, and thankfully, Dean Markley provides an endless range of styles and sizes. For an unmistakable Dean Markley sound, you can’t go wrong with the classic Blue Steel Gauge Electric Guitar Strings. Cryogenically frozen for amazing tone, sustain, and endurance, Dean Markley Blue Steel strings are now considered legendary. Put a set of these bad boys on your axe, and you’ll quickly learn what all the fuss is about! Dean Markley is also known for creating some of the top bass strings in the industry. For an unbelievable bass tone that pops and growls, go with the 6-string SR2000’s. Consisting of taper-wrapping at the bridge, these monsters vibrate more easily and last longer than most bass strings. Full of thud and punch, the Dean Markley SR2000 6-String Bass Strings certainly pack a wallop.

Searching for the perfect set of strings to suit your own musical tastes and playing style can seem like a daunting task, but there’s really no need to fret. Just stick with the name you can trust. Stick with Dean Markley - the leader of the pack when it comes to great strings that last and keep their tone. 

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