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Gibson is a brand known throughout the world for its absolutely spectacular instruments. So why trust the strings of your instrument to anyone else? Made with your Gibson in mind, these strings were crafted with the same high-quality as all their other products, so you’re getting something tailor-made for your equipment. With a selection that ranges from guitar to banjo to mandolin strings, if you have a stringed instrument you love, Gibson has a string set that can give it a fresh new tone. Before diving right into the huge selection here though, there are a few things you should ask yourself to make sure you’re getting the exact strings you’re after. How many strings do you need for your specific instrument? How much sustain are you after? Do you prefer the feel of coated or uncoated strings? What tone are you hoping to achieve? Once you have a rough idea for each of these, your decisions gets that much easier. Gibson has provided a balanced variety of strings to choose from, allowing you to get precisely what you need.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, just take a look at some of the best sellers. Want to give your electric guitar a more crisp attack with an overall warm tone? Check out the G700UL Ultra Light Brite Wires Electric Guitar Strings. On the other hand, if you want to give your acoustic guitar a more responsive voice, you only need to look at the J200UL Deluxe Phosphor Bronze Ultra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings. Are you a mandolin player looking for maximum response? Then you’ll need the SMG-BMS Bill Monroe Mandolin Strings. All of these strings are best sellers for a reason, so they’re definitely worth looking at.

Bench tested and builder-approved, all of their strings have passed the Gibson test. In the end, like all string sets, the ones that sound and feel best to you should be the ones you go with. By going with Gibson though, you’re sure to find a string set that you’ll love strumming, picking and playing every time you pick up your instrument.