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Experienced audio engineers know how important studio monitors are during the post-production process. Of course, it's also for this reason why many professional engineers count on Alesis to provide them with monitors that deliver the most precise and truthful representation of what they just recorded. A leader in innovative sound tools since 1984, Alesis' selection of monitors consists of an impressive range of models to help you create a finished product that is worthy of showcasing to an audience.

On the road or in the control room, no recording setup is complete without a set of quality monitors, which is why your choice should be given careful consideration. With that in mind, you can take comfort in knowing that Alesis is renowned worldwide for their high-quality studio monitors. For proof, just take a look at the popular M1 Active 320 USB studio monitor pair. Combining portable monitoring and a USB audio interface into one affordable package, these top-rated speakers can easily connect to your laptop or computer for plug-and-play listening. Additionally, the compact M1 Active 320 monitors are equipped with I/O for keyboards, mic preamps, guitar effects and more. No doubt, for engineers who prefer to take their show on the road, these studio monitors are perfect for you.

Now for those who have smaller project-based setups, check out the Elevate 3 studio monitors. One of Alesis' biggest sellers, this pair boasts high-fidelity bi-amplification with 60-watt peak power, separate high and low frequency drivers with crossover, and are housed in a stunning custom wood cabinet. Overall, the Elevate 3 studio monitors will provide the clear and full sound you need to put your engineering skills into action.

From recording and editing to mixing and mastering, the production process is a lot easier and more enjoyable when the monitors you're equipped with have been designed by experts. Thankfully, Alesis monitors have come to life with your aspirations in mind, so you'll be more than satisfied with the results of your studio creations with anything from this catalog.