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About Behringer Synthesizer Modules

Behringer has been able to bring some of the most legendary, highly sought after synth technology to the masses at surprisingly affordable prices. Their creativity and manufacturing prowess allow them to bring historically vital synthesizers to life for a new generation. This allows you to recreate seemingly untouchable classic synth sounds at home or in the studio. All without the worry of working with or caring for priceless, irreplaceable equipment that inspires these Behringer synths.

Behringer CRAVE Analog Synth

Inspied by the legendary Prophet-5, Behringer CRAVE makes the familiar sounds of Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre and Radiohead accessible to home studios across the world. It is an ultra-affordable homage to that iconic synth with all the features of the original and then some. You'll find a 32-step sequencer and arpeggiator that let you conjure up virtually any sound with incredible ease.

Behringer Model D Analog Synth

MODEL D is inspired by the Minimoog Model D, a legendary analog synth. Like the original, Behringer's MODEL D has a rich analog sound. Its Eurorack design increases portability, but removes the keyboard from the original design. Instead, the synth can be connected to a controller or USB device via a USB-MIDI port.

Behringer DeepMind Polyphonic Synth

DeepMind is a classic polyphonic synthesizer with 12 true analog voices. It gives you access to 30 effects algorithms, and up to four effects simultaneuously. Effects include reverb, phaser, chorus, distortion, delay, and more. You'll find a flexible 8-channel modulation matrix with over 20 sources and 130 destinations. Plus you can take control of its 32-step control sequencer with adjustable slew rate and MIDI sync.