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About Tech 21:

The 1980s were a big decade for the music industry, with the release of the MIDI standard and the development of electronics and effects like nothing ever seen before. Of all those advancements, some of the most well-known, and still sought-after today, came from Tech 21. The tradition they started decades ago is still going strong in the lineup of effects pedals and amplifiers available right here.

We've all heard the expression "if you want it done right, do it yourself." That's a lesson that Tech 21's founder, Andrew Barta, definitely took to heart. Looking for a way to get warm, 'tubey' sounds out of solid-state amps, he designed a revolutionary tube amplifier emulator... but none of the manufacturers he approached were interested in producing it. Barta knew he was on to something, so he founded his own company to make it - and it caught on like wildfire. That tube amp emulator was the beginning of the Tech 21 SansAmp series, and you can still get your hands on an updated version of it today with the SansAmp GT2.

After the success of their first pedal, Tech 21 was ready to keep going. Using the knowledge they'd gained by building the SansAmp line, they got right to work on more designs, such as the Hot-Rod Plexi Analog Distortion and Roto Choir Guitar Effects Pedals. Tech 21 isn't only for guitarists, either: if you're a bassist, you should definitely check out units like the Bass Driver Deluxe, SansAmp Character Series VT Bass DI and Boost Chorus Bass Effects Pedal.