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Imagine a music store so large it covers the area of 12 football fields. That's how big our Distribution Center is, and musiciansfriend.com is your entry point to this dream collection of musical gear. All your favorite brands are here in every gear category: Fender Gibson, Ibanez, Marshall, Yamaha, Taylor, Martin, PreSonus, TASCAM, M-Audio, DW, Pearl, Tama and Sabian. From Ableton to Zildjian, we have the gear you're looking for.

We ship over 4,500,000 items every year–more than enough to provide every person in Los Angeles and Boston with some cool musical goodie. Over 1,700,000 items are in stock and ready to ship-in fact a bunch are being sent out right now with free shipping to hordes of eager musicians.

We carry over 85,000 products from all leading manufacturers in every product category. Why the fanatical focus on size? Easy. Because when it comes to selection, bigger is better. Much better.