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  1. Gon Bops Luisito Quintero Signature Timbales
    Product Price $554.99
  2. LP LP257-BZ Tito Puente 14" and 15" Bronze Timbales
    Product Price $654.99
  3. LP LPA256 Aspire Series Timbale Set
    LP LPA256 Aspire Series Timbale Set
    Product Price $259.99
    Open Box:
  4. LP Drum Set Timbale
    LP Drum Set Timbale
    Product Price $109.99
  5. LP Tito Puente Thunder Timbs Timbales
    Product Price $761.54
    Open Box:
  6. LP Prestige Series Brass Timbales
    LP Prestige Series Brass Timbales
    Product Price $629.99
  7. Toca Elite Series Steel Timbales 14" and 15" Chrome Drums with Stand
    Product Price $280.99
  8. Meinl Drummer Snare Timbale
    Meinl Drummer Snare Timbale
    Product Price $99.99
  9. Meinl Marathon Steel Timbales
    Meinl Marathon Steel Timbales
    Product Price $399.99
  10. LP Matador Timbales
    LP Matador Timbales
    Product Price $489.99
  11. Pearl Marc Quinones Signature Timbales
    Pearl Marc Quinones Signature Timbales
    Product Price $557.99
  12. Toca Pro Line Timbales
    Toca Pro Line Timbales
    Product Price $448.29
  13. Pre-Order
    Gon Bops Fiesta Series Timbale Set
    Product Price $345.00
  14. Meinl Mini Timbales
    Meinl Mini Timbales
    Product Price $169.99
  15. Meinl Mountable Drummer Timbale
    Meinl Mountable Drummer Timbale
    Product Price $109.99
  16. Meinl Artist Series Taku Hirano Signature Hand-Bale
    Product Price $109.99
  17. Sound Percussion Labs Baja Percussion Mini Timbale Black Chrome
    Product Price $69.99
  18. Pearl Primero Steel Timbale with Tom Mount
    Product Price $116.99
  19. Tycoon Percussion Timbale Sticks (pair)
    Product Price $5.99
  20. Pre-Order
    TAMA Metalworks Effect Mini-Tymp
    TAMA Metalworks Effect Mini-Tymp
    Product Price $189.99
  21. LP E-Class Timbale Set with Stand and Black Nickel Hardware
    Product Price $669.99
  22. Meinl Artist Series Timbales Diego Galé
    Meinl Artist Series Timbales Diego Galé
    Product Price $499.99
  23. Price Drop
    Sound Percussion Labs Baja Percussion Set of Timbales with Cowbell and Adjustable Stand
    Product Price $219.99
  24. LP Arena 14 in. and 16 in. Fausto Cuevas III Signature Timbales
    Product Price $669.99
  25. LP LP257-S Tito Puente 14" and 15" Stainless Steel Timbales
    Product Price $611.99
  26. LP M257 Matador Series 14" and 15" Steel Shell Timbales Set
    Product Price $396.99
  27. LP Giovanni Timbales
    LP Giovanni Timbales
    Product Price $669.99
  28. Pearl Primero Steel Timbale with Mounting Clamp
    Product Price $152.99
  29. Meinl Marathon Timbales
    Meinl Marathon Timbales
    Product Price $429.99
  30. LP Aspire Timbale Set with High Pitch Jam Block
    Product Price $291.98
  31. LP Tito Puente Series Timbale Set
    LP Tito Puente Series Timbale Set
    Product Price $599.99
    Open Box:
  32. Meinl Artist Series Amadito Valdes Signature Timbales
    Product Price $599.99
  33. Toca Eric Velez Signature Timbales with Stand
    Product Price $447.99
  34. LP Sheila E. Signature Timbales
    LP Sheila E. Signature Timbales
    Product Price $669.99
  35. Meinl Hybrid Timbales with Height Adjustable Tripod Stand and Cowbell Holder
    Product Price $529.99
  36. LP Prestige Series Stainless Steel Timbales
    Product Price $594.99
  37. LP Prestige Series Bronze Timbales
    Product Price $669.99
  38. Meinl Luis Conte Stainless Steel Timbales
    Product Price $619.99
  39. Meinl Luis Conte Brass Timbales
    Meinl Luis Conte Brass Timbales
    Product Price $649.99
  40. Meinl Professional B8 Bronze Timbales
    Meinl Professional B8 Bronze Timbales
    Product Price $689.99
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Ask any drummer and they'll tell you how much fun it is to expand their musical palette. By adding new drums, such as timbales, to your repertoire, you have the ability to add exciting sounds and styles to your playing, which can only benefit you, as well as your band mates. If you're a serious drummer who is looking to take their skills to the next level, you've definitely come to the right place.

Originating in Cuba, the timbales have been around for just over 100 years. These shallow, single headed drums are played with sticks and are often times accompanied by a cowbell to add more flavor to their sound. Over the years, legendary names such as Tito Puente, Sheila E, and Guillermo Barreto have all championed the timbales. Now it's your turn to make your mark on these exciting drums.

So which timbales are right for you? Well, that might come down to your skill level. If you're a beginner checking out their first set, you might be best served with an option like the LP LPA256 Aspire Series Timbales. These bright-toned drums are a great (and affordable!) choice for any player. With excellent projection and a distinct sound, these drums are able to cut through the loudest of bands with ease, so you'll always stand out.

Of course, if you're a more advanced player who is looking for gear more representative of your skill level, you'll love the Gon Bops Alex Acuna Signature Brass Timbales with 9600 Stand. These captivating timbales were built to deliver a dark, distinct tone unlike any you've heard before. Created in conjunction with Alex Acuna, one of the world's finest percussionists, these timbales will make you the star of any performance.

Of course, we also offer individual timbales here if you'd rather mix and match for ultimate customization. Whichever timbales you choose, one thing is for certain, you're going to dig the way it sounds when you start to groove on these drums.

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