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About Trick:

The greatest drummers in the world know that being the best means being open to different playing techniques. Thankfully, Trick makes it easy to expand on the possibilities of what you can do behind the kit. In fact, everything offered by Trick is designed by a dedicated team of experts who are just as passionate about smacking the skins as you are. For this reason, Trick's exceptional craftsmanship has even earned them the praise of many well-known drummers, including Gwar's Jizmak Da Gusha, Dave Witte of Municipal Waste, and T.S.O.L's Anthony Tiny Biuso.

Trick is devoted to providing drummers with innovative solutions for enhancing their playing experience, and their extensive line of percussion products is always growing. From double pedals and detonator beaters to snare throw-offs and even cleaning kits, whatever you need to keep the beat sounding great, as well as your drums looking pristine, can be found in Trick's catalog of options.

It's not hard to tell how trusted the Trick name is. All you have to do is look at their impressive amount of top-rated items and best sellers. For example, check out the AL13 bass drum. Cast from Trick's special resonant alloy, this kick drum has a faster response and a more precise projection of sound than wood shells. Additionally, the AL13 is unaffected by weather conditions, and Trick's finishes are more durable than paint, so it's really no surprise why this kick drum is so popular. Another cool item is the Predator cable remote hi-hat. Allowing you to place your hi-hat in a comfortable and convenient position, this accessory is functional, easy to use, and overall an ideal way of improving your performance.

As mentioned, Trick also offers cleaning supplies, and the Ultimate Instrument care kit is the easiest way to keep your drums shining. For that matter, these wipes actually work on any instrument finish, and they won't scratch, streak or swirl as they remove dust and residue from your equipment. With this simple care kit, you can have the entire band looking top-notch before show time.

To talk about every exceptional Trick drum accessory in this section would take us all day, so dive in and look around. Whether you're a touring professional or an amateur enthusiast who likes to jam in the garage with pals, Trick has something for every taste and playing style.