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When musicians think of Yamaha, they immediately think of quality. That's because, since the late 1800s, their instruments have been the standard industry-wide. So when drummers bring up Yamaha trigger pads, they only have good things to say about them.

Versatile, accessible and adding depth with their ability to bring tons of effects and tones to any kit, the trigger pads in this section cover a variety of needs that regular drums just can't live up to. Take the Yamaha XP DTX Electronic Drum Pad as a stellar example. With a single-zone configuration made for both tom and snare use, it's crafted of a natural-feeling texture cellular silicon and is completely plug and play with several other Yamaha electric drum sets. Offering a sensitive response, this drum pad is being worked into kits everywhere.

More interested in bringing the bass? Then check out the Yamaha KP65 Electronic Kick Tower for DTXtreme IIS Kits. Easy to set up and featuring a reliable striking surface, it has the feel of an authentic acoustic drum and can even accommodate a double pedal. Want to enhance your kit even further with some quality crash? You'll definitely have to turn your attention over to the best-selling RHH135 Real Electronic Hi-hat Controller. Able to attach to any standard hi-hat rod, this two-zone pad has a bow and edge zone so you can trigger different sounds depending on where you hit it. Whether you're outfitting an existing kit or building a new electronic setup from scratch, this controller will have you dominating any stage you play on.

Yamaha are at the top of the mountain for a reason. They simply don't mess around when it comes to the quality of their gear. All you have to do is try one of their trigger pads once and you'll know why everyone else is singing Yamaha's praises.