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When famed trombonist Glenn Miller encouraged Willie Berg to start making mutes for brass instruments in the 1930s, it didn't take long before Berg's talents were being praised and sought after by countless other professional musicians. Today, the Humes & Berg name can be found in orchestra pits and jazz clubs all around the globe, and their trombone mutes come in a variety of different styles, each of which are tried and tested to ensure they're durable and easy to use. From straight and cup mutes to bucket, wah-wah and even practice mutes, Humes & Berg specializes in them all.

Obviously the right mute for you will depend on what type of sound you're trying to achieve. For example, straight mutes are definitely one of the most common mute types. These mutes have a cone shape and produce a somewhat 'stuffy' sound that is often preferred by musicians who play sheet music. In fact, one of Humes & Berg's most popular mutes is the 151 Tenor Trombone Straight Mute. Willie Berg invented stonelined mutes in 1935, and this one is everything you'd expect from a renowned leader in mute craftsmanship.

Plunger mutes are also quite popular, and are basically toilet plungers with the handle removed. Similar to a cup mute, plunger mutes have the ability of replicating the sound of a human voice when they're performed by an experienced player, and the Stonelined Series 135 Glenn Miller Tuxedo Plunger Mute - Trombone Version is a top seller in this catalog. Featuring a flocked interior for slight sound absorption, the 135 Tuxedo Plunger mute is ideal for any trombonist who wants a high-quality mute to incorporate into their performances.

Of course, your trombone mute options go well beyond these two choices, and your best bet is to explore the rest of this section and see what each one can do for your playing routine. Whatever catches your attention, just remember that Humes & Berg mutes are the gold standard by which all other mutes are judged, so you'll be happy with the results of anything you choose.