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From Quincy Jones to Louis Armstrong, the greatest trumpet players of our time still had to begin somewhere. In fact, before achieving their status as legends of the instrument, the biggest names in the business started out just like any other beginner. It was through practice, determination and passion for the music that led them to becoming masters. And with a quality trumpet from Getzen, it’s possible for any budding trumpet player to find themselves on the same path as the stars. Assembled using materials of only the highest quality, Getzen Trumpets are designed to appeal to both professionally skilled players as well as entry level students. With their classic design and smooth playability, a tremendous amount of heart and soul goes into every instrument produced, so you can be sure that your talent will be showcased to its highest degree when performed on a trumpet from Getzen. 

For a first rate horn unlike any other of its kind, both working musicians and dedicated beginners will love the Getzen 900 Eterna Classic. This trumpet was originally introduced in the ‘60’s, and through requests made from expert trumpeters, Getzen has reintroduced this amazing horn with subtle design changes and upgrades, while still managing to maintain its time-honored design. Complete with exceptional intonation and free blowing, the Getzen 900 Eterna Classic is a trumpet that truly stands out from the rest. Another popular Getzen horn is the 3003 Genesis Custom Series Bb Trumpet. This powerful, cutting-edge instrument is hugely popular amongst performers, and is considered the most versatile Getzen model available.

One of the oldest musical instruments, the trumpet is an instrument of great adaptability, in that it can be used for all kinds of musical genres. Another great thing about the trumpet is that it’s simple enough for younger students to learn on, so as their abilities progress, so does the trumpets possibilities. The makers of Getzen Trumpets understand this. They are passionate fans of the instrument who always take your level of ability into consideration, and it’s for this reason that Getzen Trumpets continues to be leaders in the field of fine brass musical instruments.