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Not all tuners are made equal. Sure, the concept seems simple, but many factors can affect a tuner's capability of reading your instruments pitch and detecting its frequency. As any musician will tell you, having a tuner close by that's both compact and reliable is essential to the overall quality of your performance; and whether you're rehearsing in the garage or preparing to hit the stage, you can always depend on Snark tuners to identify your instrument's key both accurately and promptly. From guitar and bass tuners to even all-instrument tuners, Snark provides an extensive range of tuners that come in all kinds of shapes and styles to suit every budget. The pitch accuracy offered in every Snark tuner is the result of careful construction and attention to detail, and with every Snark tuner that's made, you can be sure that the product you're investing in is more than gig-worthy.

For ultra-fast onstage tuning in any condition, the Snark SN-7 pedal tuner is a super sensitive tuner that contains a huge bright LED display that's easy to read even in the darkest clubs and environments. The spot-on accuracy of this tuner is remarkable, and comes highly recommended for guitarists of any level. Another great option is the Snark SN-1. This tuner works wonderfully for both guitars and basses, and makes tuning a breeze thanks to its versatile design that includes a high-sensitive sensor and stay-put clip.

Snark also designs excellent all-instrument tuners, and the SN-11 is no exception. This fully chromatic tuner has a large display, and even a pitch calibration option. Pianists will love the SN-11, and it also works great for brass and woodwind instruments.

As a musician, having a tuner that works speedily and precisely is ideal, especially when you're half-way into a performance. With all eyes in your direction, you need to get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible. When you go with Snark, you're investing in a tuner that's easy to use, high in quality, and more than capable of keeping your instrument in perfect tune.

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