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Stanton is a name that's been around as long as DJing itself - and then some. When Walter O. Stanton created a new, easy-to-replace phonograph stylus in 1946, he founded a company to bring it to market. That simple beginning eventually led to a line of Stanton turntables that's still going strong today, with excellent machines that are perfect not only for DJs, but also for home vinyl enthusiasts who want to listen to their collections at the best possible sound quality.

Deciding on the right turntable from Stanton's lineup is simple enough: you've just got to pick out the one that's best suited for your needs. For example, have you been searching for an easy way to record your vinyl collection digitally so you can play it on the go? In that case, the T.92 USB Turntable is just what the doctor ordered. It connects directly to your laptop or computer, so you can easily make digital backups of all your classic albums.

If you're more interested in the DJing side of what Stanton has to offer, then you shouldn't miss the STR8-150 Digital Turntable. Built for professionals from the ground up, it has a straight skip-proof tone arm and incredibly smooth drivetrain, along with plenty of control and output options. The STR8-150 even comes with a slip mat, cartridge and cables, so you'll have everything you need to get started rolling, scratching and otherwise strutting your stuff in the booth.

Although there are lots of ways for a DJ to control the music these days, nothing beats the feel of a real turntable. And for the most hardcore vinyl enthusiasts, nothing beats the analog sound performance of high-quality vinyl, either. No matter which of these camps you belong to, Stanton turntables are definitely worth considering for your own setup. They've been building great turntables for about 70 years, after all, and they're not about to let up now.