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Have you always wanted to play the ukulele? Maybe you're already an experienced player and you're looking to add another model to your collection? Either way, you're definitely in the right spot. In fact, Diamond Head ukuleles are an incredible combination of easy playability, pleasing tone and exceptional craftsmanship. From sopranos and baritones to concert and tenor models, Diamond Head constructs ukuleles for every taste and application, and their passion for the instrument is obvious in every choice available in this section.

For guitarists who've never played the ukulele but would like to give one a shot, a baritone model would be ideal, since they are tuned similar to a guitar's four highest strings (D-G-B-E). If this sounds like what you want, then turn your attention to the DU-200B Baritone Ukulele. Carefully-handcrafted from select mahogany and boasting a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, the DU-2000 has a deep bass tone, and it's also very easy to play.

Or maybe you know a youngster who's interested in taking up the instrument... in which case, you'll want to go with a soprano. Sopranos are actually the original ukulele that we've all come to know and appreciate, and they are also the smallest ukulele of the four main types, which makes them excellent for players with smaller hands. Just take a look at the DU-150 Soprano Ukulele. Featuring a stunning maple body that's stained mahogany brown, the DU-150's beauty is complemented only further by its nickel-plated guitar-style tuners. All this, along with an included gig bag, makes this option perfect for any aspiring ukulelist.

The ukulele has seen many peaks in popularity over the past 120 years (this Hawaiian instrument dates back to the 19th century), but it could be argued that the instrument is more appreciated today than ever. Of course, it's really no wonder when you consider how enjoyable the ukulele is. Whether you're relaxing on the beach or enjoying a sunny day on the patio, the ukulele is an easy way to showcase your musical talents, and many experienced players agree that Diamond Head ukuleles are the best.