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Who would’ve thought that in in the past few years the ukulele would experience such a stunning revival in popularity? All over the globe, people are re-discovering the delightful sound and musical fulfillment that a ukulele offers. With this in mind, it’s really no wonder why a musical instrument leader like Gretsch would also be a leading manufacturer in ukuleles. In fact, they’re considered amongst the world’s best.  Much like the land from which they originate, a quality ukulele can produce a sound that’s both comforting and warm when it’s made by craftsman who are passionate about the instrument. With a Gretsch ukulele, you can bet that the instrument you’re playing on was constructed with first-class materials, and designed with careful consideration to detail.

Long before rock’n’roll existed, Gretsch was taking musicians of all levels on a musical quest like no other, as showcased throughout their Roots Collection of acoustic instruments. The Gretsch G9120 Tenor Standard Ukulele marks a heroic comeback to the Gretsch instrument catalog. This beautiful and large ukulele has a mahogany body, grover tuners, and a very easy-to-play Rosewood fingerboard. Complete with a gig bag and self-instructor book, you’ll be mastering plenty of songs on the ukulele in no time. Another great choice is the Gretsch Guitars Root Series G9120-SM Tenor Deluxe Ukulele. With a tenor-sized body in solid mahogany, this large ukulele produces a deep bass tone and offers more than enough volume. The G9120-SM is also equipped with a padded gig bag.

If you have a strong interest in learning the ukulele, you’ll find out quickly that there are all kinds of sizes and wood types available, all of which have a great effect on your ukulele’s sound and tone. Before purchasing a ukulele, it’s recommended that you do a little research on the different types of ukuleles that exist. But throughout your search, remember that finding a ukulele with the perfect balance of quality and affordability isn’t hard when you go with a ukulele from Gretsch.