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Now that you've got your dream band assembled, you've invested in great instruments and you've practiced endlessly, make sure that every note of your music comes across perfectly. Peavey makes superb unpowered mixers to enhance your sound and make the really important stuff stand out. The company got its start almost fifty years ago and today is recognized internationally for its dedication to quality and reliability, so when you're ready to mix, monitor and record, take a look at these Peavey consoles for their low noise, excellent sound and durable construction.

If you want a mixer that you can use for recording or live performance, start your search with the Peavey PV6. Compact, durable and budget friendly, it's a 4-channel mixer that offers exceptional sound. The PV6 also has very accurate controls so you can get nice clear audio as you manipulate your sounds. It's easy to use, so it's ideal if you're just starting out in the music biz. There's the PV10 too which is a super choice if you're a singer. Great for live shows or recording, it's nice and compact so you can easily take it to gigs; you can use one channel for your mic and another for backing music. Doesn't matter if you're a karaoke singer or a pro, you'll love playing around with the PV10's cool vocal effects to see how you can take your performance to the next level with a little reverb or enhancement. If you're looking for a mixer to plug into your computer you may want to move up to the PV 14. This USB 14-channel Mixer with Digital Output and Effects is terrific to use for recording or playing back digital audio to and from your laptop. With easy-to-use accurate controls and a built-in DSP effects processor, the PV 14 desk allows you to experiment with multiple reverbs, delay and a vocal enhancer.

Whether you're the one running sound or the one in the spotlight, you'll be amazed at how these innovative, sturdy steel Peavey mixers really bring out the best in your music. Like artists, producers and audio engineers everywhere, you'll love Peavey's superior quality, high tech features, clarity of sound and discovering just how creative you can get with a little help from some of this outstanding gear.