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Live in concert or recording in the studio, the speakers you choose will play an essential role in how your music connects with an audience. For this reason, you need to go with speakers that are designed by audio professionals, and for that, you've definitely come to the right place. Since 1989, Mackie has been trusted by musicians, DJs, and audio engineers around the globe for constructing unpowered speakers that are durable and high in sound quality, and this section has more than enough choices.

More lightweight and affordable than powered speakers, unpowered speakers are quite often preferred by professional sound technicians. In fact, they offer more flexibility as well, since they allow you to make upgrades to your amplifier without having to replace the entire speaker. With that in mind, Mackie unpowered speakers are considered by many to be the finest, and the C200 is a popular item. Featuring a 10" high-efficiency woofer and 2" voice coil for a frequency range of 59Hz-22kHz, the C200 performs amazingly well in both portable PA and stage monitor applications.

Another one of Mackie's top-rated unpowered speakers is the C300z. A passive version of the SRM450, this 2-way speaker contains a 12" high-efficiency woofer and a 3" voice coil with a 1-3/4" titanium diaphragm compression driver. Additionally, the C300z handles 600 watts of peak power at 8 ohms, and has a 45Hz-20kHz frequency response, so you can bet that this speaker is as powerful as it is pristine.

When you have a talent to share with the world, your skills deserve to be heard in all their glory through a set of speakers that are built by expert audiophiles. Sure, there are a lot of speaker options to choose from these days, but finding one that's built to deliver exceptional audio for countless years to come is easy when you stick with Mackie.