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About UVI:

Never in the history of popular music has it been so easy to compose and perform. With digital technology improving by the second, musicians and producers from around the world are increasingly discovering virtual instrument software, and what it can do for their creative freedom and expression. Today, there is a seemingly endless array of software programs to choose from that cover a wide range of musical styles and instruments. But when it comes to high quality sound and clear, exceptional performance, UVI is in a class of their own.

For over two decades, UVI has been specializing in the development of software for desktop audio production, and their team's combination of talent and expertise is apparent in every attractive user interface created. From Avant Garde piano to analog synth, solo orchestral instruments and much more, UVI's meticulously crafted music software has been praised by top recordings artists as diverse as Dr. Dre's production team, Shaka Ponk and Emilie Simon.

For dozens of rare and sought after synths right at your fingertips, the UVI Vintage Vault package consists of 36 samplers, synths and drum machines in one incredible bundle. This package covers the history of synthesis, giving you the authentic tones you've been craving at a more than affordable price. Another excellent choice is the UVI String Machines 11 Analog String Synths Software. When keyboard designers tried to emulate orchestral strings sounds through analog synthesis back in the 70's, their results were far from what they intended. However, in the process, they stumbled upon various new sounds that were both remarkable and unique. Within this package, UVI has collected 11 of these vintage string synthesizers to present them in an accessible, full editable digital tool. For vintage synths right inside your home studio, this package is an astounding option.

Everyone deserves a chance to create music, and thanks to the leaps and bounds made in digital music software, everyone can. UVI's extensive selection of music software is continuously expanding with new and innovative high-grade sounds to provide musicians with the opportunity to explore the depths of their skills and imagination. And whether you're an industry producer or an amateur audio enthusiast, inspiration has no boundaries when you go with UVI.