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"Practice makes perfect" - when it comes to the violin, that phrase couldn't ring more true. Of course, there are certain places and times during the day when you can only practice if your "ring" is at a minimum, and that's when violin mutes come in handy. By attaching these small devices to the bridge of your instrument, you can dampen the sound of your violin and play quietly without disturbing others. In addition to practice mutes, some mute types can be used during your solo and orchestral performances. For example, orchestral mutes not only reduce your instrument's volume, but they can even alter your tone completely. Simply put, violin mutes are essential accessories for any serious violinist to own, and you'll find plenty of options on this page.

With so many best sellers in this section, you should have no problem finding the perfect violin mute to suit your current needs. If you're in the market for a practice mute, you'll discover high-quality yet affordable choices from the likes of Glaesel, Otto Musica and The String Centre. In fact, the Otto Musica Artina Practice Mute fits both violins and violas, and it's covered with rubber to protect your instrument's bridge.

You'll also come across Tourte mutes in this section. Tourte mutes are very popular among orchestra and solo performers, and the Glaesel Violin/Viola Tourte Mute is generously priced, perfectly conforms to the shape and curvature of your bridge and can be installed in seconds. Another common mute is the wire slide-on type. Like Tourte mutes, these slide up to your violin's bridge and are used often in live performances because they only slightly minimize your sound. Need a suggestion? Check out the Slide On Wire Violin Mute from The String Centre.

With so many different types of violin mutes available in this catalog, you really do owe it to yourself to spend a little time here. Whether you prefer to practice late at night or even if you're performing a piece of music that calls for your sound to be muffled at a specific point in the composition, you'll be glad that you had one of these terrific violin mutes in your gig bag.