Sonic Reality Virtual Drums & Percussion Software

Thanks to technological innovation, creating and producing music in the studio has never been easier. And thanks to companies like Sonic Reality, whether you're a casual musician or a professional sound engineer, you can have thousands of virtual instruments and effects literally at your fingertips. Sonic Reality's virtual drums and percussion software packages bring an incredible variety of genre-specific beats, drum presets and single-hit drum recordings from some of the best drummers in the world to your computer. Not a drummer? No problem! Sonic Reality designs their all their programs to be extremely user friendly so you don't have to be a drum virtuoso to get the most out of their drum and percussion software. One of the first things you'll notice is that many of the Sonic Reality virtual drums and percussion software choices are R.A.W. Style Packs. What's a R.A.W style pack? Simply put, R.A.W is a series of different drum sounds that relate to a specific genre or musical style. From spicy selections like the Latin: Caribbean Grooves Loops Collection to smoother, mellower offerings like the Jazz Grooves Loops Collection, if you're looking to add the flair of a particular style of drumming to your recordings, chances are you'll find it in Sonic Reality's R.A.W. series. Now, if you're looking to move away from DVD's and CD's and make your studio entirely digital - check out Sonic Reality's Download Cards. Cards like the ReMiX DL Multibox for Stylus RMX and Drummer Tracks DL Multibox give you the flexibility to choose single downloads from larger sound libraries. The cards come with redeemable codes that can be entered on, Sonic Reality's digital download portal. When it comes right down to it, any recording studio will benefit from Sonic Reality's virtual instrument software. How you use this software is totally up to you - whether you're building your studio from the ground up or want to bring even more killer sound options to your current setup, Sonic Reality software is always a valuable asset to have on hand.

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