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The Vox amPlug series of headphone guitar and bass amps may be a fairly recent addition to the market, but with nine styles available, in addition to the mini amPlug cabinet and the new amPhones, Vox has created a revolutionary line of versatile mini-amps that not only allow you to jam out virtually anywhere you can take your axe, but are a useful and great-sounding addition to any player's arsenal of guitar gear. While mini guitar amps have been around for years, crammed into packages resembling everything from various makes of classic amps to breath mint tins and cigarette packs, they often failed where it mattered most - in sound quality. Most mini-amps, regardless of their outward appearance, often deliver little more than nasally, screechy clean tones and thin, even more screechy distorted tones that aren't useful for much besides late-night solo practice sessions. The amPlug line, however, first introduced in 2007, was designed first and foremost to deliver great tone. Vox, after all, is the company that powered much of the British Invasion and countless hits since with the sparkling, chimey tones of the iconic AC30, as can be heard on numerous tunes by everyone from the Beatles to Queen and Radiohead. With this reputation in mind, the designers of the amPlug line took great care in designing the all-analog circuitry, from the way the tone circuits recreate the circuit response of the original amp to the way the high frequencies and gain are affected with volume changes from the guitar. The amPlug line starts with nine palm-sized mini-amp models that plug directly into your guitar jack, including the classic Vox AC30, Lead, Classic Rock, Twin, Metal, Night Train, Joe Satriani Signature, Acoustic and Bass versions, each tailored to deliver a specific tonal range for various styles of music, from the high-gain boutique amp-type sounds of the Lead model to the clean, Fender-type tones of the Twin, or the shimmering, ballad-friendly tones of the Acoustic. Each of the amPlug mini-amps also features an AUX IN jack, so you can play along with your CD or MP3 player; or instead of playing through headphones, you can connect the optional amPlug Cabinet for an ultra-mini stack and rock out loud. And they all offer great-sounding, high quality tones, so you can even use them with your amp and pedal rig for additional tonal flavoring. Another innovation comes in the form of the amPhone, a line of four different models of headphones with amPlug circuitry built right in, so you can just plug one directly into your guitar and rock on! The headphones are produced by Audio-Technica, and serve as a set of high-quality cans for normal stereo listening when the power is turned off. The amPhone models include the AC30, Twin and Lead versions for guitar, which all feature a full complement of effects like chorus, delay and reverb, and the Bass model, which features a compressor and Vox's Bassilator circuit that simulates the resonant interaction of a bass cabinet with the floor. The amPlug and amPhone models run on a pair of AAA batteries, while the amPlug Cabinet uses a 9 volt battery or an optional AC adapter, so it's easy enough to keep the juice flowing, no matter where you are. These are incredibly versatile amps, and are small enough to take with you wherever you go, so order your Vox amPlug today, and don't leave home without it!