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About Vox Amplifiers:

The Vox look and sound, most identified with the classic AC30 and AC15, Continental Organ and Wah Wah pedal, is absolutely iconic in the music world. Forever tied to the sound of the British Invasion, Vox built amplifiers that brought the sound of popular music to life and helped change the musical landscape forever. Now celebrating their 60th anniversary, Vox is still among the elite names in musical history, and for good reason.

Vox amplifiers were seen on the stage with some of the most important names of the British rock and roll. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Yardbirds, and countless other bands that revolutionized music as we know it, did so with help from Vox. Iconic guitarists like Brian May of Queen, Pete Townshend of the Who, Paul Weller of the Jam, Tom Petty, and The Edge of U2 all adopted Vox amplifiers and their reputation continued to grow. Even today, some of the biggest musicians in the world trust their sound to Vox, including Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters, Hunter Hayes, Grace Potter, Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World, and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco.

These days, Vox offers a wide assortment of gear for players of all walks of life that are perfect for nearly any situation. Need to keep the volume down? Check out Vox's affordable amPlug line, a series of portable headphone amps that cover all the classic rock, country and metal tones you crave, plus a fantastic take on their iconic AC30.

If you're looking to get a bit louder with some classic Vox tube tone, check out their Custom and Handwired lines, with a variety of models available iat various wattages, features and price points. Models include the 4 watt AC4, 10 watt AC10, 15 watt AC15 and 30 watt AC30. They've even commemorated their 60th anniversary with the limited release of Made in England Handwired AC30s and AC15s.

If you crave ultra-portability with plenty of gigging power, check out Vox's 50 watt MV family, which blends an all-analog Nutube powered preamp with a powerful Class D power amp. You may also want to check out their long-running modeling amp line, Valvetronix. These amps cover all the sonic territory you could need, offering a variety of classic amp and effects models in the form of compact combo amplifiers.

Vox amps are simply in a class all their own. With a special place in history, and a host of new products pushing guitar amp technology and innovation forward, Vox will bring your music to life like never before. Whether you're after a studio amp, gigging rig, effects pedals, heads, or portable tech, Vox has the gear you need..