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If you live and breathe music, it doesn't make sense to begin and end your greatest passion on the stage. Of course, that rarely ever is the case - for example, if you have a friend or family member who is a musician, then you know that their love for music is displayed proudly around their home. The good news is that music-related wall hangings and décor is very easy to come by in this day and age. Whether you want a bookend of your favorite instrument brand or a frame for your favorite vinyl record, this catalog has options for both.

For a perfect example of the kind of wall hangings that can be found here, turn your attention to the best-selling Selfour Vinyl Frame for 12" Records. While vinyl has always been the medium of choice for countless underground artists, it has recently seen a huge resurgence in mainstream popularity as well. Aside from how vinyl sounds, another big reason for its comeback has a lot to do with its visual appeal - something that's obviously missing in a digital download. For this reason, many music fans are displaying their favorite vinyl artwork in frames, and this one in particular is a popular seller. It even has clips on the back for easy access to the record itself when you decide to play it.

In addition to wall hangings like the vinyl frame, you'll also discover other cool décor that looks great against any wall, including the strong and stylish Fender Tele Body Bookend. And remember, if what you're looking for isn't in this section, simply type it in the Search box at the top of the page. With so many music-related wall hangings to choose from on today's market, there's bound to be something here to your liking.