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Every pro audio manufacturer has to start somewhere, and for Galaxy, that start came from being a third-party builder making gear for world-renowned brands. Eventually, the people at Galaxy Audio realized that it was time for them to step into the spotlight themselves, so they launched a series of gear under their own brand and things have gone steadily uphill from there. Today, Galaxy Audio wireless system components rank as top contenders in the competitive pro audio world. Whether you're looking to build yourself a wireless system from scratch or simply to upgrade the setup that you already use from day to day, there are solid options for you in this section.

For starters, you'll probably want to check out all of Galaxy's headsets. They range from straightforward models like the Single Ear Hook Omni Mic with Detachable Cable to more advanced versions such as the Galaxy Audio Single Ear Omni Headset Mic. If you like things really compact, one standout option is the Headset Mic w/Transmitter. Thanks to its built-in transmitter, this all-in-one design might just be the simplest and easiest-to-use headset you'll ever put on.

Not all situations call for a two-way system, though. If you're putting together a wireless monitoring rig, Galaxy Audio has what you need. Start with the A S-900 Personal Wireless Monitor Transmitter, and then add on your choice of receiver. From the A S-900R and A S-1100 to the premium A S-1800, there's a wide range to select from, so it's easy to find the receiver that's a perfect match for your needs.

That's really what it all boils down to in this section: choice. Since all of these Galaxy Audio wireless system components are offered individually, you've got the freedom to decide exactly which ones are right for you. There's no pressure, and no bundles - just an impressive variety of wireless system parts to help you tailor the ideal configuration from the ground up.