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Owning and playing an instrument is a rewarding hobby, but it can also be a big job. Like any instruments, your woodwinds need your support to stay in good shape and produce consistent sound. In accessories, you'll find the tools you need to keep your instrument in peak condition, as well as extras for personalizing your woodwinds and the way you play them. Naturally, the reed is one of the most important parts of a woodwind instrument—so there are dozens of reeds to choose from. Reeds are a matter of preference, and since the hardness and thickness of a given style will vary between reed-makers, it's a good idea to start with a small pack when trying out a new reed to hear it in action before stocking up. You might also want to keep a handful of different reeds in your collection, which will allow you to choose the one with the best tone for each venue and genre you play. Mouthpieces go hand-in-hand with reeds, and also deserve careful consideration. A metal or even crystal saxophone mouthpiece, for example, can give your sound a completely different edge when compared to a traditional hard rubber mouthpiece. Along with the mouthpiece, choose your own ligature that's the best fit for your preferred reed and add a quality cap to protect the mouthpiece and reed from dust, drying and chipping. A variety of cases and stands will safely get your instrument from home to venue and put it at your fingertips on the stage. Use straps or harnesses to help support your instruments while you play, making long shows easier on your back and arms. Replace the pads on your keys when they start to get worn, and of course, take care of all your do-it-yourself maintenance with repair kits and care products including germicides, cleaning solutions, swabs, cleaning rods and more. Whichever woodwind instruments you play, keeping yourself stocked up with the accessories you need will help you to get the most out of them. Taking care of your instruments isn't just a good idea, it's essential to preserve the quality of their sound.