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With a name like Zakk Wylde, you just know to expect something crazy. Okay, so maybe he wasn't born with that name, but he's certainly earned the right to go by it, and announcing the Wylde Audio brand only made that more obvious. We already associate Zakk's name with Ozzy Osbourne and the Black Label Society, but as of its introduction at NAMM 2016, we have something new to associate it with: a lineup of guitars and accessories designed to give you the kind of sound and stage presence you'd expect from Zakk himself. Take one look through this section and you'll see what we mean - it's safe to say that a guitarist playing one of these axes won't be easily missed.

There are three designs in the debut Wylde Audio guitar lineup, and the first thing you might notice about them is how they follow up on Zakk's long history with Gibson. The Odin has a hint of Les Paul and SG DNA in its look, while the Viking and the Warhammer borrow a few pages from the Flying V's style guide. But that's where the similarities end, and the eye-popping paint jobs are just the beginning of the unique traits that set these instruments apart. They're powered by EMG-85 and EMG-81 pickups, which doesn't come as a surprise since that combo is Zakk's favorite loadout, and it delivers sharp tone that responds well to high gain, so you can push the distortion to absolutely face-melting heights.

Naturally, the merits of Wylde Audio guitars go further than just their looks and their pickups. For example, they've got mahogany bodies to give those pickups a solid base to work with. Their maple necks are fashioned with a special profile designed personally by Zakk, delivering a comfortable playing feel with plenty of agility for challenging, hard-hitting riffs. And of course, the unbelievable visuals are worth repeating. There are a couple of cases in the Wylde Audio lineup as well, so you can get your hands on a matching enclosure to transport your new axe. It definitely makes us wonder what Zakk has up his sleeve to come out with next, and we think it'll be good.