Yamaha Montage

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When it comes to synthesizers, Yamaha really knows their stuff. Since one of their first synths, the CS-80, hit the market in the late 70s, Yamaha has been blazing the digital sound trail with their industry-leading synthesizers. It's this can't stop, won't stop attitude that brings Yamaha to their latest synthesiser - the Montage. Building on the legacy of the game-changing DX7 and the hugely popular Motif, the Montage series from Yamaha sets raises the bar for digital synthesisers. Whether you're laying tracks in the studio or taking the stage at a packed club, any one of the Yamaha Montage synthesizers found here goes a long way in unlocking your creative potential.

So, what sets the Yamaha Montage apart from other synthesizers? The Montage adds a new level of sound expression with the motion control synthesis engine. This engine gives you a powerful and intuitive way to interact with and control your own unique sound. The technology unifies and controls two sound engines: AWM2 (high-quality waveform and synthesis) and FM-X (modern, pure Frequency Modulation synthesis.) These two engines can be freely zoned or layered across eight parts in a single Montage performance.

Then there's the Super Knob. It controls multiple parameters simultaneously. The result? Pretty much anything imaginable! With a single twist, you can radically change the character of a performance from smooth and mellow to edgy and dynamic. The Super Knob can even be assigned to a second FC7 foot controller, freeing up both your hands for even more sound manipulation possibilities.

And these are only two of the ways the Montage sets a new precedence for digital sound production. Check out the individual product pages for more detailed information on how a Yamaha Montage synthesizer can change the way you make music. It's available in 61-, 76- and 88-key configurations, so no matter your key preference, there's a Montage for you. Nate Tschetter, marketing manager, music production, Yamaha Corporation of America says it best, "Playing and experiencing Montage is, quite simply, inspiring." If you want to get inspired, you're going to want to get your hands on a Montage synth from Yamaha.