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D'Addario Nylon Strings

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Before guitar strings were made of bronze and steel, they were made of natural animal gut. That's a material that you won't find on today's instruments, though - instead, our traditional-style guitars rely on nylon strings to provide the same acoustic character with much better reliability. For your classical, flamenco and orchestral guitars, a set of D'Addario nylon strings is a no-brainer. With more than 330 years of string-making experience, D'Addario has been one of the longest-standing and most trusted names in guitar strings ever since it began over three centuries ago in the small Italian village of Salle. If you play folk or bluegrass, a great starting point in the D'Addario nylon string lineup would be the Folk Nylon series. These ball-end strings are specifically designed for classical guitars and offer you a choice between silver and bronze wrap for the bass strings. You can pick up a full set, or, if you're just looking to replace an individual string, there are also single-string packages available.

Maybe flamenco is more your style? In that case, check out the D'Addario EJ25B Pro-Arte Composites Flamenco Guitar Strings. D'Addario uses a cable-like center in these strings, which helps them last longer and tune more consistently than standard solid-core nylon strings. What you'll really notice, though, is the easy-to-fret, flexible feel and responsiveness that's essential to playing high-energy flamenco music. The EJ25B strings even offer the option between black and clear nylon, so you can personalize your guitar's look as much as its sound.

Those strings are just a sampling of what D'Addario has to offer, and like anything else guitar-related, the choice is naturally going to be subjective and personal. You certainly owe it to yourself and your instrument to take a close look at all of the nylon strings that D'Addario has to offer and pick out the set that's perfect for you.