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When a young female music fan is looking to take up an instrument, that interest should be nurtured and encouraged. Since 2000, Daisy Rock has been on a mission to inspire and empower young female musicians, and give them the confidence and tools needed to play the music they love. Throughout Daisy Rock's extraordinary catalog, you'll find no shortage of remarkably built 6-string acoustic guitars in a wide range of styles and colors.

Everyone deserves to play an instrument that's meticulously constructed by experienced craftsmen, and within this section, you'll find more than enough 6-string Daisy Rock acoustic guitars to choose from. Renowned and respected worldwide for their quick playability, lightweight feel and slimmer neck, Daisy Rock guitars are designed specifically for rockin' girls and women alike. In fact, Daisy Rock acoustic guitars are used by many top female artists, including Hillary Duff, Kate Nash, Norah Jones, and Wanda Jackson.

One of Daisy Rock's most popular items is their Pixie acoustic-electric guitar model. Consisting of Daisy Rock's trademark featherweight body and easy-to-hold neck, the Daisy Rock Pixie showcases deep-seated femininity and tremendous quality. This guitar also features a Daisy Custom Piezo system, a rosewood fingerboard, and overall provides female performers with endless ways to express their unique personality. Another excellent choice is the Daisy Rock Wildwood short scale acoustic guitar. With its slender profile that allows players to form even the most challenging chords, the Wildwood is comfortable to play, and the tonal clarity is nothing short of brilliant.

Whether you're looking for the perfect guitar to serve as a stepping stone to your daughter's musical journey, or an experienced professional who routinely hits the festival circuit, Daisy Rock 6-string acoustic guitars are about making the aspirations of all female musicians fully realized. And regardless of your own musical preferences or skill level, you'll have no problem finding an ideal 6-string acoustic guitar, right here.