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Thomastik 6 String Sets for Acoustic Guitar

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For nearly a century, Thomastik has been crafting strings for guitars. Through endless innovation and a commitment to quality, Thomastik has developed six string sets for the acoustic guitar that are sure to compel from any stage or venue. Beloved by musicians around the world, Thomastik offers the strings you need when you want your guitar to ring out beautifully. Thomastik offer delightfully diverse string types for performers of all different styles. This is also great for performers who like to switch up their sounds and playing styles from time to time. With so many different types of strings offered, it's simply a matter of re-stringing and enjoying something new.

So which strings are right for you? Well, as you can imagine, that comes down to personal preference. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of different options that are broken up into categories. For example, Plectrum strings such as the AC110 Plectrum Bronze Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings combine a lower overall tension with a hybrid arrangement of flatwounds (A,D,G) and a roundwound low E. With wonderfully precise overtones, Plectrum strings produce stunning warmth that verges on a classical sound.

Another category is Spectrum Bronze. These strings are, simply put, the ultimate bronze roundwound acoustic string. These strings offer clear, balanced tones that come alive in the studio. This is because of their unique bronze formula, which helps these strings deliver deep, powerful basses, superb midranges, and crisp, clear highs. Able to cut through any dense sound mix, the Spectrum Bronze strings are worthwhile for any player.

Finally, Thomastik also offer the Classic S strings, which are a great alternative for steel string guitar players. Highlighted by extra-long sustain and a great deal of playing comfort, options like the KR116 Classic S Series Flatwound Light Guitar Strings or the KF110 S Series Classical Light Flat Wound Guitar Strings are perfect for those who love the unique sound of the steel guitar.

95 years since they began producing strings, Thomastik continues to shine. With wonderful options for all guitar players, once you try Thomastik strings, you'll never want to use anything else.