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Thomastik Accessories

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  1. Save 17%
    Thomastik JF344 Flatwound Long Scale 4-String Jazz Bass Strings
  2. Save 17%
    Thomastik JS110 Flatwound Extra Light Jazz Swing Guitar Strings
  3. Save 17%
    Thomastik JS112 Medium Light Flatwound Jazz Swing Electric Guitar Strings
  4. Save 17%
    Thomastik JF345 Flatwound 5-String Jazz Bass Strings
  5. Save 17%
    Thomastik JS111 Light Flatwound Jazz Swing Electric Guitar Strings
  6. Save 17%
    Thomastik BB112 Light Jazz BeBop Guitar Strings
  7. Save 17%
    Thomastik JF324 Flatwound Short Scale 4-String Jazz Bass Strings
  8. Save 17%
    Thomastik JS113 Medium Flatwound Jazz Swing Electric Guitar Strings
  9. Save 17%
    Thomastik GB112 Medium Light George Benson Custom Flatwound Guitar Strings
  10. Save 17%
    Thomastik BB113 Medium Light Jazz BeBop Guitar Strings
  11. Save 17%
    Thomastik AC112 Plectrum Bronze Acoustic Strings Medium Light
  12. Save 17%
    Thomastik GB114 George Benson Custom Heavy Flatwound Jazz Guitar Strings
  13. Save 17%
    Thomastik JF346 Flatwound Scale 6-String Jazz Bass Strings
  14. Save 17%
    Thomastik 154ST Strong Flat Wound Tin Plated Steel Mandolin Strings
  15. Save 17%
    Thomastik JF365 Jazz Flatwound Long Scale 5-String Bass Strings
  16. Save 17%
    Thomastik GR112 George Benson Medium Light Custom Roundwound Guitar Strings
  17. Save 17%
    Thomastik KF110 S Series Classical Light Flat Wound
  18. Save 17%
    Thomastik 154 Tin-Plated Steel Flatwound Medium Mandolin Strings
  19. Save 17%
    Thomastik JF364 Flatwound Super Long Scale 4-String Jazz Bass Strings
  20. Save 17%
    Thomastik AC111 Plectrum Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings - Light
  21. Save 17%
    Thomastik BB114 Medium Jazz BeBop Guitar Strings
  22. Save 17%
    Thomastik SL109 Sliders Light Electric Guitar Strings
  23. Save 17%
    Thomastik KR116 Classic S Series Flatwound Light Guitar Strings
  24. Save 17%
    Thomastik AB344 Acousticore Phosphor Bronze 4-String Bass Strings
  25. Save 17%
    Thomastik AB345 Acousticore Phosphor Bronze 5-String Bass Strings
  26. Save 17%
    Thomastik RP110 Power-Brights Heavy Bottom Medium-Light Electric Guitar Strings
  27. Save 17%
    Thomastik IN110 Superalloy Electric Guitar Strings Medium Light
  28. Save 17%
    Thomastik JR345 Roundwound Scale 5-String Jazz Bass Strings
  29. Save 17%
    Thomastik CF128 N Series Nylon Strings - Light Tension
  30. Save 17%
    Thomastik EB344 Medium-Light Power Bass Roundwound 4-String Bass Strings
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When it comes to guitars, basses, and mandolins, strings are far and away the most important accessory, after all, without strings, the instruments just mentioned are simply unplayable. Thankfully, Thomastik has been crafting strings that boast a high level of playability and tone since 1919, and it's for this reason why their name is looked up to by jazz, classic, metal, and folk musicians alike. Go ahead and browse Thomastik's selection of accessories, and you'll quickly see for yourself just how committed they are to designing strings for anyone who has a passion for playing music.

A name as respected as Thomastik will obviously invite its fair share of praise from professional and amateur musicians. For proof, take a look at the many top-rated items and best sellers in this catalog. Not to mention, Thomastik also offers signature string sets from many iconic musicians, including the GB114 George Benson Custom Heavy Flatwound Jazz Guitar Strings. Boasting a mellow tone that's ideal for semi-acoustic and acoustic jazz guitars, this set has been custom-designed for jazz guitar extraordinaire George Benson. Strong, smooth, and consistent, these strings will certainly take you one step closer in the direction of replicating George's legendary, influential sound.

Thomastik is also high-renowned in the folk and traditional music scene, and it's easy to understand why when you consider how durable and powerful the 154 Tin-Plated Steel Flatwound Medium Mandolin Strings are. Designed from polished tin-plated silver steel, flatwound and chrome steel wire, these strings allows your instrument to ring loud and clear with no metallic twang. Additionally, these strings stay in tune very well, and respond remarkably to fast fingering changes.

Whether you're a veteran who tours the country or a hobbyist who occasionally plays with friends, no musician should ever underestimate the quality of their strings. They're essential to the resulting tone of your instrument after all, which is why it only makes sense to go with a brand that you know you can count on. Rest assured, Thomastik is a name that can be found on stages and in recording studios around the world, and from flatwound strings for 5-string basses to classic nylon guitar strings and much more, they have a set of strings for every budget and taste.
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