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Thomastik has been developing strings for a wide variety of instruments for nearly a century. Bass guitars in particular have benefited from Thomastik's relentless innovations and advancements in how strings are made. By putting artists first, Thomastik has built a relationship as a brand that bassists can trust when it comes to their strings.  Well-known world music bassists such as Juan Garcia-Herreros and David Friesen trust their sound to Thomastik. And really, it's no wonder. These strings give bass guitars such an amazingly distinct sound, that once you choose them, you'll never look back.

So which Thomastik bass strings are going to be best for you? As you can imagine, that will come down to personal preference. If you're a jazz player, you'll love options like the JF344 Flatwound Long Scale 4-String Jazz Bass Strings or the JF345 Flatwound 5-String Jazz Bass Strings. These flatwound strings have been legendary for years thanks in part to their highly pliable steel core which is wrapped with a silk inlay. The incredible tone that these strings produce is simply unavailable in any other flatwound string.

If you're more interested in roundwound strings then be sure to check out options such as the R344 Scale Roundwound 4-String Jazz Bass Strings and the JR324 Roundwound Jazz Series Short-Scale Electric Bass Strings. These strings are similar to their flatwound counterparts, but with a little more edge. With a lower tension design and an increased ease of playability, these strings are built to last.

If your main focus is on clarity and transparency while you play, then you'll want to string your bass with options such as the EB344 Medium-Light Power Bass Roundwound 4-String Bass Strings or the EB345 Medium-Light Power Bass Roundwound 5-String Bass Strings. These Powerbass strings are equal parts crisp and commanding. Highlighted by a thin steel hex core wrapped in Magnencore winding, these handmade strings are certain to keep you in the groove as you perform.

The truth is, whichever type of Thomastik bass string you choose, your instrument is going to sound better for it. These strings come with the quality that only 95 years of production can bring. When it comes to bass strings, nobody knows more than Thomastik.