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For every musical instrument, there are always those few committed builders who put all of their devotion into that instrument alone. When it comes to the bass guitar, one of the best-known of them is Aguilar. Aside from making a name for themselves with an impressive lineup of bass amplifiers, Aguilar is also sought-after for the other accessories they have to offer not only musicians who use their amps, but to anyone who plays a bass for that matter.

To see an example of what that means, you only need to look at the impressive selection of pickups found in this section. You don't necessarily have to use an Aguilar amplifier to slap a set of these on your bass (although that wouldn't be a bad idea either!). In fact, one thing you'll notice is that Aguilar has a surprising range of 5 and 6-string pickups, which are perfect if you're retrofitting a bass for added strings, building your own from scratch or simply looking to upgrade an extended-range bass you already own with brand new pickups. Whatever the case may be, you can take confidence in knowing that Aguilar's pickups have the performance to back up their reputation.

If you're an Aguilar aficionado, then you might also appreciate the accessories here that are, in fact, aimed at their own products. For example, you could pick up an amp cover for your GS 112, 212, 210 or 410. Since they're custom-made for those amps, you can be sure they'll fit better than generic covers, and they'll definitely do a great job of protecting the hardware from dust and scuffs. Covers aren't the only thing to find here, either, with additional accessories like replacement Tone Hammer power supplies also on the list.

What it really comes down to is getting the most out of your bass and your Aguilar hardware. Fortunately, this roster of Aguilar accessories is intended to help you do just that. Whether you're looking to customize or simply to protect, having the right accessories is step one to making that a reality.