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For close to 50 years, Orange Amplifiers has been creating combo amps, heads and cabs with a vintage sound and look that has caught the attention of many huge musical acts. But its innovative approach doesn't end with amplifiers. Orange also creates quality accessories with great attention to detail and smart design to protect and complement its distinctive gear. From cables and covers to power supplies and tube testers, Orange Amplifiers' selection of accessories has something for every musical job.

One handy product Orange creates that you'll definitely want to check out is amp covers, like the Cover for Large Guitar Amp Heads. Crafted from tough, durable vinyl, this cover is padded to protect your gear and features the Orange logo to advertise your brand loyalty. It fits a variety of Orange and other brands of large amplifier heads to protect them during transport.

Someone in the market for a new instrument cable, however, might want to take a look at the Orange Amplifiers 1/4 Inch Right Angle Instrument Cable. This cable is manufactured using the highest-grade oxygen-free copper, multiple layers of shielding and gold-plated Neutrik connectors to minimize interference and ensure the clearest possible signal. Meanwhile, the woven outer sleeve adds extra durability and a quality feel.

If you're looking for something no other brand can provide, the Orange Amplifiers Tube Tester is sure to please. This is the world's first portable unit to match, test and grade valves, and it's easy enough for even amateurs to use. In about 2 minutes, it can test for a wide variety of fault conditions, making it an invaluable tool for guitarists, equipment rental companies, manufacturers, techs and more.

Mastodon, Jimmy Page, Geddy Lee of RUSH, Jim Root of Slipknot, Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance, and Lady Gaga's guitarist, Ricky Tillo are only a few of the artists who trust Orange to create products worthy of their music. So why not take a look to find out for yourself what the hype is all about?