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About Orange Amps:

When Orange debuted in 1968, it didn't take long before their distinct look and sound became a staple of London's swinging music scene. Today, Orange amplifiers can be found on the world's biggest stages, as well as recordings by many famous bands and artists, including Oasis, Prince and the Arctic Monkeys.

When you're looking for an amp, there are definitely a few things to consider. For example, where do you plan on using the amp most often? If you simply enjoy playing as a hobby by yourself, you won't need anything too colossal in size and wattage. However, if you play in band that tours regularly, you'll need an amp that's capable of enduring life on the road while delivering loads of power in the even biggest venues. Whatever you decide upon, you can be sure an amplifier constructed by Orange will live up to the legendary name in which it bears.

The Orange catalog has no shortage of popular designs and highly rated items, and the Orange OR100H is no exception. The first OR model to contain two channels, this monster packs up to 1,000 watts of exceptional Orange tone, making it the crown jewel of the OR series. Another big seller is the Orange TH30H 30 watt tube guitar amp head. Incredibly portable and versatile, this head, when paired with a cabinet, can produce a wide range of tones, including classic rock, metal and everything in between.

As well, to ensure your Orange amplifier is working at its peak proficiency, Orange also constructs excellent tube testers. The VT100 is reliable, inexpensive and a safe way to test your tubes accurately and efficiently, so you can have peace of mind knowing that when you hit the stage, your amp will hold up immaculately from start to finish.

From heads and cabinets to combos and even practice amps, Orange's extensive line of amplifiers has expanded considerably over the past 40 years. Whether you're an amateur musician who enjoys playing at home or a touring professional who needs a heap of volume, Orange has something for everyone... and thanks to their signature crunch and astounding durability, they consistently remain in a class of their own.