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Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Heads

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There aren't many instruments as widespread in modern music as the acoustic guitar. It's no wonder, since the guitar's sound is well-known and loved, and its self-sufficient design makes it easy to pick up and play in so many places. When faced with a bigger venue or the need for effects, however, you'll benefit from an acoustic guitar amplifier head along with your favored pickups to give the instrument a boost. An acoustic guitar on its own is great for smaller settings like a lounge or community center, but the larger the space, the harder it is to reach the entire audience. When you're playing a big venue like a theater or concert hall, amplification will allow your guitar's sound to be heard clearly in every corner. A standalone amplifier head offers the versatility of using your own speaker cabinet or connecting to the venue's PA or speaker system. You might also choose to integrate your amplifier head into your home recording studio, connecting it directly to a mixer or other equipment. Not only does this eliminate the need for an external microphone, it also helps to eliminate side effects such as background noise and feedback. In any setting, using an amplifier head with your acoustic guitar allows you to get more out of it by putting gain and effects within your control, bridging the gap between electric and acoustic. Another advantage normally reserved for electric guitars is the unique tone of a tube-based amplifier. When you use an amp head with your acoustic guitar, you can add that warm, rich character to the natural sound of the instrument for an enhanced combination. In this way, an amplifier head isn't just a way to make your acoustic guitar heard—it's also a way to add a new dimension to the way it sounds. A good amp head makes it possible to bring together the classic sound of an acoustic guitar with the effects and volume perks of an electric, giving you a good mix of the advantages of both instruments. With the ability to drive an external speaker system or studio mixer from your acoustic guitar without using a microphone, it's easy to get a crystal-clear recording or flawless live sound.