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Your musical talents should not be decided by the quality of the instrument you're playing. After all, every musician deserves to hone their skills on an instrument that's designed by experienced professionals. Thankfully, Rogue acoustic guitars have more than what it takes to bring your talents to the forefront. Continuously championed for their easy playability and affordable price, Rogue acoustic guitars are proudly used by players from around the world, and they make an ideal option for today's novice musician.

When searching for an acoustic guitar, you'll begin to realize that there are many options. However, this also means that you need to stay confident that the instrument you're purchasing is capable of holding up through countless hours of practicing. Rest assured, when you go with Rogue, you're going with an instrument that's been tried and tested by expert musicians who know exactly how an exceptional acoustic guitar should look, play, feel and sound.

You'll find no shortage of highly recommended options throughout Rogue's catalog. One of their most popular choices is the RA-100D dreadnought acoustic guitar. Consisting of a genuine spruce top, die-cast tuning machines, and a bound rosewood fretboard, this guitar has a full tone, and stays in tune tremendously well. For an excellent 12-string, check out the Rogue Herringbone 12-string acoustic guitar. Featuring a mahogany back and sides, scalloped bracing and a Sitka spruce top, you simply can't find a better 12-string acoustic guitar for such a low price.

Ask any professional player, and they will gladly tell you about their first acoustic guitar. It's something that no guitarist ever forgets, and when you have one that's made to last through many years of strumming and plucking, there's no telling what kind of memories you'll create with it. Of course, owners of Rogue acoustic guitars understand this all too well, and when you're ready to begin your musical journey, you can bet that a perfect musical companion is waiting right here.