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Rogue is named after the southern Oregon river where a community of pioneers once settled, and where their descendants eventually founded this company with the goal of building instruments that deliver strong sound and build quality with unbelievable affordability. They've definitely come through on that promise, and these are fantastic instruments for beginners as well as professional musicians looking for an inexpensive guitar for casual use. The classroom is a common place to find Rogue guitars. They're definitely great candidates for educators looking for economical options to stock the entire storeroom. You can even get a Rogue guitar with a stand bundled in if you choose a package like the Beginner Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar with Accessory Pack. This is a great kit for teachers and students alike, with a pick, polishing cloth and strings all included.

If an electric guitar is more your speed, take a look at the Rocketeer series. The RR200 is the flagship of this lineup, with a high-end look and feel including a classic white pickguard. The basswood body helps this guitar put out great tone and sustain. If you're searching for your first-ever guitar and don't have any gear yet, you'll also want to consider the Rogue Rocketeer Electric Guitar Pack. With this set, you get not only the RR100 axe, but also a strap, amplifier, gig bag and picks: literally everything you need to start playing.

For a student, hobbyist or anyone who needs a guitar that's great-sounding, yet simple and easy on the pocketbook, Rogue is a great option. These instruments are designed with a nod to learning musicians, built to offer solid functionality and playability for anyone. What's more, they're manufactured in the same factories that build some of the world's most well-known brands - the biggest difference is the number printed on the tag.