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Dedicated to capturing the look, sound, and feel of stringed instruments that were crafted during the 1920s and 1930s, The Loar has earned themselves a strong reputation amongst professional acoustic guitarists. Combining modern features with the classic, vintage look of archtops, hollow bodies, and small body models from the Golden Age of guitar luthiership, The Loar's line of acoustic guitars are considered by many to be the most beautiful looking and best sounding guitars available today.

Another great thing about The Loar's line of acoustic guitars is that they have something to suit any budget, yet every instrument still maintains a high level of quality. If it's something stripped down that you're after, check out the LH-200 Small-Body Acoustic Guitar. Boasting an incredibly high level of craftsmanship, this acoustic guitar is inspired by the classic pre-war body guitars, and features a vintage sunburst finish, rosewood fretboard, mahogany back and sides, and butterbean tuning machines. Compact and lightweight, the LH-200 boasts incredible projection and a full tone that's suitable for any playing style.

Now for those who want something a little larger, take a look at the LH-650 Archtop Cutaway Hollowbody Guitar. Ideal for jazz players, the LH-650 has a nitrocellulose finish, a Kent Armstrong floating pickup to produce a sweet, natural tone, a hand-carved spruce top, and a Florentine cutaway design to make the upper frets more accessible. Easy to play and even easier on the eyes, this gorgeous acoustic-electric archtop also comes with a solidly-built case to ensure this masterpiece is well protected when it's not being played (although once you start playing it, you'll never want to put it down).

And your choices certainly don't stop after those two models, so dive in and browse The Loar's other acoustic guitar options as well. Whether you're an up and coming singer-songwriter or simply enjoy playing in the comfort of your home, anything you choose from The Loar's acoustic guitar catalog will be sure to bring you a lifetime of musical enjoyment.