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Are you a high school band teacher who's preparing for a fast-approaching semester? Maybe you're a band student who wants to get a head start on the very same curriculum? Well you're definitely in the right place. Whether you play the sax, bassoon, clarinet, flute, oboe, trumpet, tuba... you name it, there's a band method book for you in these pages. In fact, each and every method and instruction book here comes to you from a respected publishing company who has a reputation for their engaging music lessons, including Hal Leonard, Carl Fischer and Alfred.

Considering how extensive this selection is, you might want to narrow down your options by using the "Subcategories" function. For example, if you play the French horn, simply click "French Horn Method & Instruction Books" and your choices will display only those items. In addition to books on individual band instruments, you'll even come across conductor/teacher band methods, including the best-selling Alfred Yamaha Band Student Book 1 Conductor's Score and the popular FJH Music Measures of Success Teacher's Manual Book 1.

Or, if you're more of a visual leaner, there are plenty of band method and instruction DVDs here from the likes of Dr. Dan's, JodyJazz, ProLine and countless others. Need some examples? There's the Warner Bros Ultimate Beginner Series Flute, the Centerstream Publishing Jazz Saxophone - Instructional Techniques and Jazz Concert Performance, and the JodyJazz In the Funk Zone with George Garzone.

As you can see, if you fancy yourself a "band geek" at heart, you'll find more than enough methods to take your performance to new levels of greatness. Today's band methods are designed specifically to make learning music a fun and rewarding experience, and owning a diverse collection of music books is a great way to maintain a keen ear and keep your playing technique sharp.