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When you consider that Fender has been an American institution since 1946, it should come as no surprise that they would specialize in one of the most important American musical instruments. The distinctive twang of the 5-string banjo has played an essential role in the development of country and bluegrass music, and Fender 5-string banjos are preferred by players of all skill levels and budgets. Whether you're an experienced pro who wants to add to their collection or simply a music lover who wants to take up a new hobby, there's a 5-string banjo for you here, courtesy of Fender.

The rich sound and smooth playability of the Fender Concert Tone banjo earned it a sterling reputation during the 1960s. Thankfully, Fender offers a modern interpretation of that same classic banjo: The Concert Banjo Pack includes the beautifully-crafted Concert Tone 300, along with a tuner, strings, pickups, instructional materials and a durable gig bag. If you're an aspiring banjoist, then this pack is the perfect way to kick-start your musical journey.

Of course, Fender has more than enough 5-string banjos for experienced players as well. For example, check out the Concert Tone 55 Banjo. Perfect for jazz, pop, folk, you name it - the bright tone and twangy bite of this banjo can handle it all. But why stop there? Another pro-level 5-string banjo is the Concert Tone 58. From the maple resonator and neck to the pearloid snowflake inlays and die-cast metal tone ring, this 5-string banjo was designed with the professional in mind, and it's obvious from the moment you lay your hands on it.

There's really no denying that the banjo is here to stay - and as this section demonstrates, Fender is proud to keep the tradition alive by offering a wide variety of models. At this point, we'll leave you to do some perusing of your own; no doubt, Fender 5-string banjos will impress anyone who has an interest in playing this American legend.