Markbass Bass Amplifiers

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Enthusiasm and passion have always driven the success of Markbass. For more than a decade, bassists have enjoyed working with the great gear that has made Markbass an international leader in bass amplification. Founder Marco De Virgiliis began his journey making amps and cabinets. Pioneering the use of neodymium speakers in bass enclosures in order to help lighten the load and simplify the design, he helped to change the face of bass amps. In 2001, Marco pursued his dream and started his own business with his brother Mimmo and two others.

Acclaimed bassists all over the globe have used Markbass amplifiers to wow the crowds with their sound and tone. Craig Young (Elton John, Megadeath); John McKenzie (Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, David Bowie); and Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne) are among the bassists who use Markbass amps.

Working musicians appreciate the excellent sound and warmth of the beautifully crafted CMD 102P 30/500 2X10 Tilt-Back Bass Combo Amp. Powerful despite its size, this lightweight and portable amp is easy on the back and great to take from gig to gig. Ideal for home studios or professional recording, this amp produces a warm low tone, cuts through the mix, and most importantly, makes you sound good! When you're rehearsing or playing in a small club, the Mini CMD 121P gives fat and cozy sound with electric or acoustic basses. With a handle and lightweight design, this little amp is easy to take with you for jam sessions and tucks out of the way when you're done practice. If you play in a loud rock band, the Little Mark Tube 800 Bass Amp Head pumps out enough power needed for a large venue. Intuitive, this portable amp head makes it easy to get those crunchy tones punching from your speaker.

Always striving for top quality, Markbass continues to achieve international success. Beginning bassists and accomplished players have found their groove thanks to dedication to excellence and the fat sound that Markbass has delivered successfully for more than ten years.