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If something is worth building, it's worth building better. That innovation-driven philosophy is the driving force behind TC Electronic, which started out building effects pedals and has been steadily expanding its equipment offerings over the years. Bass amplifiers and cabinets are among the more recent additions to the TC Electronic catalog, but it hasn't taken long for TC to prove that it can run with the big dogs in this highly competitive field. Of course, being the biggest dog doesn't hurt either, and the TC Electronic Blacksmith 1600W Bass Amp is as big as they come. This rack-mountable behemoth has a power to rock a stadium through cabinets running 2, 4 or 8 ohms - your choice. Are you looking for something with a more vintage tone? If so, you can't miss the Staccato'51. This variant on the classic RH450 is tweaked to the specifications of west coast bass legend Francis Rocco Prestia in order to make it the perfect bass amp head for the technical style of funk that he made famous through the 1960s and '70s.

The head is just part of the stack, however, and TC Electronic's impressive speaker cabinets are ready to complete it. If you really want to move a lot of air, you can use four RS410 cabs with the Blacksmith head, which will give you a total of sixteen 10" drivers for a shockwave-inducing 8.7 square feet of speaker cones. For smaller venues, you can scale down to cabinets like the RS210 and RS212, which are built for stacking so you can have as few or as many as you want - whatever delivers the tone that's right for you.

If a full stack isn't your thing and you'd rather have speakers that are quick and easy to set up for gigging, have a look at some TC Electronic bass combo amps. You'll like the BG250-115 if you want the fullness of a big 15" driver, or you could opt for the BG250-210 to get the power and punch of twin cones. Just like a full-sized stack, picking out a combo amp is a matter of deciding which configuration makes sense for your style and venues.

When TC Electronic was conceived by Danish musicians Kim and John Rishj, they couldn't have known how successful their equipment would become. Fortunately, they had the drive and determination to create one of the premier builders of musical electronics in the world. Today, TC Electronic bass amplifiers are gear that bassists everywhere aspire to own, thanks to their excellent sound and reliable construction that will keep on going for gig after gig.