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Never settle for second best. That's one thing we can learn from the way TC Electronic does things, and it's an easy philosophy to live by if you're choosing TC Electronic Amplifiers to go onstage with you from gig to gig. The reputation they earned by showing the rest of the effects pedal industry how it's done is something they take very seriously, so you know that when they branched out into building bass amp heads, cabinets and combo amps, that they were bound to do right by them. One look through this section and you'll see that they certainly have.

Sometimes, building a great amp is about capturing the spirit of a musical era. That's what TC did with the Staccato'51. It's based on the RH450 and customized to meet the exacting standards of legendary bassist Francis Rocco Prestia, delivering the technical funky sound that made him famous. Of course, there are also situations that call for nothing less than pure power, and in those cases, you can't go wrong with the TC Electronic Blacksmith 1600W Bass Amp. There's no cabinet this giant of an amp can't handle, whether it's 8, 4 or as low as 2 ohms.

Speaking of cabinets, TC can offer you a great selection of those as well. The best choice will naturally depend on the head you're connecting it to, and there's always room for a customized setup with multiple cabinets. For instance, if you're rocking a Blacksmith, you can use up to four RS410 cabinets to get an earth-quaking total of sixteen 10" cones. Or, if you'd rather build a stack with a more standard-sized amplifier, take a look at the RS210 and RS212.

For a lot of our gigs, and for rehearsals and studio sessions, we don't necessarily need all the power of speaker stacks and standalone amp heads. When you head to one of those shows, gear up with a TC Electronic bass combo amp. There are a few configurations to choose from depending on the kind of sound you want, like the BG250-115 for the full, big sound of a 15" driver, or the BG250-210 for the punchy power of paired drivers.

Whether you're looking to go all-out with the most extreme head and cabinet setup or make your gigs a breeze with a combo amp, TC Electronic Amplifiers have what you need to nail every performance. All you've got to do is choose the models that are perfect for your own needs and playing style, and you'll be ready to rock.