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When you consider the years of development and technical expertise behind Boss bass effects pedals, it seems all the more fitting that "Boss" and "bass" are only one vowel apart from one another. Boss is the pedal division of electronics powerhouse Roland, and these effects have inherited plenty of the innovations that make their parent company one of the biggest names in the music industry today.

In 1976, the first Boss pedal was created: the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, which took the chorus & vibrato circuitry from the Roland JC-120 amplifier and condensed it down into a compact footswitch. Through the years, that pedal has remained one of the most popular Boss effects, so it was only a matter of time until a bass version came out: the Boss CEB-3. This chorus pedal takes everything there is to love about the original CE guitar chorus and fine-tunes it specifically for the bass. Fortunately, Boss didn't stop there—they gave the same treatment to another one of their best pedals, the OD-3, resulting in the ODB-3 Bass OverDrive. With great coverage over the entire spectrum of the instrument, the ODB-3 is never muddy, even on the lowest notes of an extended-range bass.

One of the most exciting Boss bass pedals is the SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer, which borrows a page from Roland's synth background to generate some impressive sounds. The SYB-5 provides 11 DSP variations of square, saw and pulse synth waves, and it supports an expression pedal to give you even more control when you need it. Boss also makes a bass limiter enhancer, the LMB-3, as well as an equalizer pedal, the GEB-7. Whatever you want your bass to do, chances are high that one of these Boss pedals can get you there.

You're also covered for those times when one pedal just isn't enough. With multi-effects pedals like the GT-10B, ME-50B and ME-20B, you'll have a complete effects suite in one unit. Not only do these combine multiple effects into one box to make setting up for gigs a cinch, they also give you onboard blending and layering functions. All of these multi-effects pedals are equipped with expression pedals, making them true all-in-one solutions for pro and hobbyist bassists alike.

With their big, rugged switches and even bigger sounds, there's no mistaking Boss bass effects pedals. Each of these pedals carries with it a legendary reputation, and they live up to it gig after gig. When you want a bass effects pedal that's beyond great, a Boss unit is exactly the sort of stompbox you should be keeping an eye on.