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With a great instrument and the right attitude, the only thing missing for an amazing performance at your next gig is an outstanding set of strings. Fortunately, D'Addario has you covered when it comes to this crucial piece of equipment, offering an assortment of strings that will help you get the most out of your bass guitar. No matter your style and genre, you're certain to find the perfect set of strings in D'Addario's lineup.

With a bass guitar, it's especially important to make sure that you're choosing the right strings for your needs. Are you upgrading stock strings or maybe building a new axe from scratch? Have a look at D'Addario's 4, 5 and even 6-string sets, depending on the range of your instrument. Be sure to double-check! As well, take care to pick out strings designed for the scale length of your bass. D'Addario makes strings for long-scale as well as standard, and it's important to match them to the instrument for a proper fit.

If you're the type of bassist who prizes a vintage tone, you've got to check out D'Addario's tapewound strings like the ETB92M set. These are medium-gauge strings that can make your bass guitar sound as deep as an upright bass. With a smooth surface, they feel as silky as they sound, delivering on their promise to create tone reminiscent of the British Invasion.

The ETB92M strings are just one example of the quality you can expect from D'Addario. Their strings run the gamut from flatwound, for players who like things smooth and fluid, to a huge selection of roundwound strings for classic bass guitar sound and a familiar tactile experience when you play. Take your pick from the flagship XL series, the coated EXP line or a set of phosphor-bronze strings for acoustic bass - it's all about your preferences and the instrument you're planning to string.