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The story of Ernie Ball bass guitar strings goes back to the 1960s rock revival, when Ernie was running one of the first shops that exclusively sold guitars. He noticed that a lot of musicians were struggling to learn their instrument when they had to handle the very heavy-gauge strings of the day, so he went to string manufacturers and had some lighter, easier-to-play strings made. Those took off like wildfire, and led Ernie Ball to leave his store behind and start making strings full-time. Those early light strings were the first ones to bear the Slinky name, and they're what gave Ernie Ball strings the reputation they have today. In one move, Slinky strings eliminated the need for "slack stringing," making the guitar more accessible to new players and more nimble for the pros. It didn't take long for Ernie Ball to bring Slinkys to the bass guitar, allowing bassists to also take advantage of their flexibility.

If you want a really unique set of strings, try the cobalt Slinkys on for size. Ernie Ball broke new ground by developing strings made with this non-traditional metal, and the results are pretty impressive. These cobalt strings pack a serious punch, with really beefy sustain and clarity. On top of that, they stand up better to sweat and moisture, so they'll last for a long time even during demanding tours. Like every set of Slinky bass guitar strings, the cobalts are highly flexible so you can make short work of complex parts without leaving your hands cramping.

For those who play the acoustic bass, Ernie Ball keeps things traditional with the phosphor-bronze Earthwood series. It's a challenging prospect to make a great set of strings for acoustic bass, but they've basically nailed it with these mellow-sounding, yet clear, strings.

With Ernie Ball, every choice is a good one. Just pick out the set that matches your tastes and fits your instrument and you'll be ready to play. Even if you're only looking for one string, you'll find individually-packaged Slinkys here as well. It's all about what you want and need.