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For 20 years, Michael Tobias Design (MTD) has set the standard for what a bass guitar can be. Driven by a desire to craft the finest electric bass possible, Michael Tobias has built his reputation as an incredible luthier. His talent and commitment to building bass guitars is reflected in the instruments that carry the MTD name. MTD is not Michael Tobias' first foray in the business of building instruments. His first company, Tobias Guitars, was founded in 1977 in Orlando, Florida and eventually sold in 1990. After the sale, Tobias moved to Kingston, New York and began planting the seeds for what would become MTD.

Today, Michael Tobias, along with his son Daniel and friend Charlie Kniceley, build about 10 instruments per month. Additionally, MTD Kingston basses are manufactured in outside facilities that are personally vetted for quality. Making sure all basses carrying the MTD name live up to their lofty standards is paramount for Michael and his team.

MTD is a company that makes basses for players of all skill levels. If you're a first time player, options such as the Kingston CRB 4-String Electric Bass Guitar or the Kingston Saratoga 4-String Electric Bass Guitar are definitely worth checking out. These hand-made instruments offer top quality tone at an affordable price. The same can be said for the entry level Kingston CRB 4-String Fretless Electric Bass Guitar, which offers musicians the chance to play a different style of bass without breaking the bank.

If you're a more advanced player, an option such as the Kingston Artist Bass Guitar is worth checking out. This guitar features the Buzz Feiten tuning system, which delivers perfect intonation to go along with its already great sound. If, on the other hand, you've mastered your bass and are looking for a serious new challenge, look no further than the Kingston Andrew Gouche Signature 6-String Electric Bass. This bass is highlighted by a 35" scale and incredibly smooth playability that will open up a whole new world of rhythm and grooves to you.

Whichever bass you choose, you can rest assured that with an MTD, you're getting nothing short of the best. Michael Tobias has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft, resulting in instruments that any musician will be more than proud to call their own.